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Helping build a strong workforce

New Jersey Chamber of Commerce Foundation

The New Jersey Chamber of Commerce Foundation is a charitable organization dedicated to maintaining and improving New Jersey’s high-quality workforce. Finding strong employees, after all, is critical to all employers in the Garden State, and employee preparation is critical in a global economy in which most jobs require special training or college diplomas. Click here for more about the NJ Chamber Foundation.

What members are saying

“Our health care system is in crisis. The monumental rise in health care costs and insurance is making it increasingly prohibitive for employers to offer insurance to our employees. The Chamber is partnering with several organizations to improve both the health of our employees and the affordability of coverage. These initiatives include a project that will reduce medical errors through the use of technology. Fewer errors will save lives, improve outcomes and lower healthcare costs. We are working to restore the viability of the small business and individual health insurance markets by advocating changes in the community based rating system currently used in these markets. We must increase access to affordable health care and remain viable in today's highly competitive global market place.”

Jeff Scheininger
President, Flexline/U.S. Brass & Copper Corporation

Why choose New Jersey?

  • Ranked #5 in “quality of life”
  • Home to 18 of the world’s Fortune 500 companies
  • Located in the center of a $2 trillion economy

These are just some of the reasons why New Jersey is a great place for your business.

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