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2017 11 07 Tom Bracken STHE WALL STREET JOURNAL: The New Jersey Chamber of Commerce came out against the House GOP tax bill Monday, a move that could put pressure on the state’s Republicans to vote against it without significant changes to the legislation.


2017 10 26 Archie FaganThe state’s Chamber of Commerce is at the center of business in New Jersey. Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst is at the center of the state’s military community. At its Liberty Gala, the chamber celebrated the joint base’s importance to the nation’s military preparedness and its critical role in the state’s economy, which is sometimes easy to forget when you think of the role men and women in uniform usually play.


2017 10 11 NJ 1015 STom Bracken, the president of the New Jersey Chamber of Commerce, said often in New Jersey there’s a lot of talk and no action, but this idea is all about action “that is going to be transformational for the workplace and workforce development in New Jersey.”


2017 10 10 Gubernatorial Debate 1sThe low-profile governor’s race in New Jersey shed its sleepy veneer on Tuesday night as the first general election debate quickly descended into an hourlong rumpus that was both acerbic and wonkish with the two candidates repeatedly lacing into each other’s positions and personal background.


2017 10 04 Tom Bracken SThe leaders at Opportunity NJ are not waiting around for the gubernatorial election to take action.

Fewer than three weeks after the organization’s Affordability Summit — an event that brought hundreds of business and government leaders together to discuss New Jersey’s future — it already has produced a white paper-type analysis it will soon present to the gubernatorial candidates.


The Presidents CupThree former U.S. presidents are scheduled to open this year's Presidents Cup tournament at Liberty National Golf Club in Jersey City on Thursday, the PGA announced today.

Presidents Barack Obama, George W. Bush and Bill Clinton will be on the course at the first tee to mark the start of the matches, which are played every two years.