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The New Jersey Chamber of Commerce says business leaders apparently are more optimistic about the state's economy than they were a year ago.

Governor Christie is lowering taxes when other governors are raising theirs.

Gov. Christie adresses the crowd at the 2012 NJ Chamber Walk to Washington

New Jersey businesses will be essential in the effort to cut taxes and rein in government spending, Gov. Chris Christie told the New Jersey Chamber of Commerce on Thursday night in Washington.

Governor Chris Christie told a group of business leaders that Democrats in the Legislature may jeopardize New Jersey’s economic recovery by putting social issues ahead of job creation and tax cuts.

A crowded car aboard the annual New Jersey Chamber of Commerce train ride to Washington. - John O'Boyle/The Star-Ledger

TRENTON — For New Jersey’s power brokers, the annual chamber-sponsored schlep from Newark to Washington is a time-honored exercise in extreme networking.

Assemblyman John Wisniewski talks with Senator Loretta Weinberg during the annual New Jersey Chamber of Commerce train ride.

Governor Christie told an audience of state business leaders who traveled to Washington on Thursday that legislative critics of his proposed income tax cut were hypocrites because they had supported fiscally irresponsible budgets before.