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2015 07 10 Marcus Cobbe tmEven with half of the year in the books, many small business owners wait until December or January to assess their business and identify ways to improve its financial performance. Yet making time in June or July for a mid-year check-in – when you have a good idea of your business' needs – may be one of the best times to help your business save time and money, and operate more efficiently in the long run.

2015 07 09 Kim Guadagno tmLast fall, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio rejected the entreaties of J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. to move its headquarters to the far West Side of Manhattan in exchange for hundreds of millions of dollars in tax breaks. The Democratic mayor called the company's subsidy request "a nonstarter."

2015 07 01 BL England power plantThe New Jersey Chamber of Commerce is supporting a major project in South Jersey that will provide the B.L. England electric generation plant in Beesley's Point with the natural gas supply it needs to stop burning coal, and pave the way for it to become one of the cleanest power plants in New Jersey. The project also will provide a critical back-up route for natural gas to more than 142,000 customers in Cape May and Atlantic counties who now depend on a single pipeline.

2015 06 26 Chris ChristieGov. Chris Christie signed a budget just shy of $34 billion on Friday in Trenton while using his veto pen to eliminate a proposed tax hike on millionaires and a 15 percent corporate business tax surcharge.

2015 06 23 Tax HearingVIDEO: “I don’t have to tell any of you that competition is fierce. I live in South Jersey and see commercials for New York, and they are chomping at the bit trying to steal away our businesses,” said New Jersey Chamber of Commerce Senior Vice President of Government Relations Michael Egenton.

2015 06 22 Tax press conference NJcomReacting hours before Democrats made their formal announcement, New Jersey business leaders and Republican state lawmakers on Monday blasted them for trying to raise taxes on millionaires and corporations to raise money for the public worker retirement system.