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2015 07 22 Ramp ClosedAnnual survey of business professionals shows they have a lot more on their minds than taxes -- starting with roads, bridges, and mass transit

Roughly a third of New Jersey Chamber of Commerce members say New Jersey's high cost of living and tax structure continues to be the "single biggest obstacle" in the way of the state making a full economic recovery, according to a new survey released Tuesday.

2015 07 20 Business OpeningThe New Jersey Chamber of Commerce's biannual Baker Tilly Spring Economic Outlook Survey brings grim news for the state's lagging employment prospects: Fourteen percent of those surveyed said they were currently considering moving their businesses out of New Jersey.

The Baker Tilly-New Jersey Chamber of Commerce Spring 2015 Economic Outlook Survey showed that about one in three of the business executives polled see the state's high cost of living in general, including its taxes, as the biggest obstacle to a "full-blown" economic recovery in New Jersey.

2015 07 09 Aldrin tmBorn and raised in Montclair, astronaut Buzz Aldrin will be honored this autumn by the New Jersey Chamber of Commerce during its second annual Innovation Gala.

2015 07 10 Marcus Cobbe tmEven with half of the year in the books, many small business owners wait until December or January to assess their business and identify ways to improve its financial performance. Yet making time in June or July for a mid-year check-in – when you have a good idea of your business' needs – may be one of the best times to help your business save time and money, and operate more efficiently in the long run.