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Gov. Christie and Senate Pres. Sweeney

Too many people - on the left and the right, politicians and editorial boards - act as if there is a politically expedient magic bullet that will painlessly fix New Jersey's budget problems. There isn't. Gov. Chris Christie is right when he says our budget problems are serious. The solutions are going to be painful.

Gov ChristieGov. Chris Christie is once again scheduled to give a Washington D.C. keynote address when the New Jersey Chamber of Commerce takes its annual "Walk to Washington" in February.

2014 12 19 Comcast Newsmakers

Comcast Newsmakers' Jill Horner speaks with Tom Bracken, President/CEO from the NJ State Chamber of Commerce, about New Jersey's Transportation Trust Fund.

Michael EgentonTwo-decade veteran of Trenton's state government scene lobbies lawmakers and agencies on behalf of business community.

Guadagno-De BlasioTwo days after JPMorgan Chase said it had dropped plans to build two new office towers for $6.5 billion in midtown Manhattan, reportedly because New York City refused the company's request for tax breaks, New Jersey's economic development team sprang into action.

A letter from Lt. Gov. Kim Guadagno, Governor Christie's jobs czar, went out to 275 financial services companies in New York and Philadelphia, touting the "benefits of investing in New Jersey."

2014-11-09 Op EdEach day, millions of New Jerseyans travel the state's rundown roads and drive across its crumbling bridges and trestles. They sit in traffic because streets are closed, are late for work because buses break down and spend hours stuck in terminals because there are not enough mass transit options. On June 30, 2015, less than a year from now, the state's Transportation Trust Fund (TTF) will officially run out of money to fix any of these problems. Without identifying a solution to the crisis, we are putting our safety and livelihoods at risk.