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N.J. Chamber President Tom Bracken, chairman of Forward NJ, led a State House press conference Nov. 3 to discuss the importance of voter passage of Ballot Question 2, which would constitutionally dedicate all gas tax revenue to transportation improvements.

Forward NJ refutes recent claims suggesting that a 'no' vote on Question 2 is a vote against the gas tax increase. Failure to pass Question 2 would not change the state’s gas tax, but instead would allow $1 billion in gas tax revenue to be syphoned away for other purposes. Let's not allow that. Vote 'Yes' on Question 2.

“New Jersey now has the long-term, sustainable, and reliable source of transportation funding it needs,” Bracken said. “What we do not have, however, are protections for $1 billion of that funding. Ballot Question 2 solves that problem, and will ensure that our gas tax dollars go exactly where they should be going: to fixing our roads, bridges, and commuter rails.”

Vote ‘Yes’ on Question 2.

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