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NJ Chamber of Commerce President Tom Bracken's
Statement on Budget and Horizon Restructuring Legislation

The New Jersey Chamber of Commerce is pleased that the budget impasse has ended and the state can return to normal operations.

We are not pleased with the process and dialogue that took place during the approval of this legislation. However, a consensus was reached by constructive dialogue and the Chamber thanks Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey CEO Bob Marino for his engagement with our legislative leaders.

As we said in a previous statement, the shutdown would be temporary, which it was, but the consequences of approving the initially proposed legislation impacting Horizon and other nonprofits could be permanent and devastating.

We believe it is always good policy to fully analyze new legislation to determine its impact before making it law.

One thing is certain - holding face-to-face meetings with all parties involved results in better solutions and needs to become the norm regarding all the issues our state needs to address.