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BPU President Richard Mroz, at a breakfast roundtable Oct. 31, told business leaders that the state's utilities need to be prepared for natural and man-made threats. For more photos click here.

BPU President Richard Mroz on Energy Delivery After Sandy:
Balancing Reliability and Affordability


Richard S. Mroz, president of the state Board of Public Utilities since 2014, discussed New Jersey's Energy Master Plan and the work the state is doing to prepare for the next threat in the post-Sandy era, during an Oct. 31 address to business leaders.

Superstorm Sandy did many things five years ago - and one of them was to force the state and its utilities to get innovative.

"In the wake of Sandy, we continue to look at what steps need to be advanced to make New Jersey more resilient," he said during the breakfast roundtable presented jointly by the New Jersey Chamber of Commerce and the New Jersey Business & Industry Association. "It includes hardening of infrastructure and the advancement of technology."

One such proposal involves the establishment of microgrids to improve the grid's resiliency and reliability. Another is the diversification of energy sources, including natural gas and clean energy. The state also needs to be prepared for man-made threats like cyber attacks, he said.

"Our core mission is to ensure New Jersey's infrastructure is resilient so energy delivery is reliable and New Jersey's economy is competitive," Mroz said, "and for energy to be delivered at a reasonable cost. That is the balance. Keeping that balance should not be lost on anyone."

Thank you to Atlantic City Electric for sponsoring the event.

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