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Roundtable Breakfast with NJ Assembly Executive Directors

Getting the political parties to work together, reforming education and putting people back to work will be issues headlining the current lame-duck session and the next Legislative session, said Bill Caruso, executive director of the Assembly Democratic Office and Rick Wright, executive director of the Assembly Republican Office.

Jeff Chiesa, chief counsel to Gov. Christie, during a Q&A session with members

Gov. Chris Christie's chief counsel told a group of New Jersey Chamber of Commerce members on October 14 that the administration will press ahead with education reform this fall and "concrete steps" could be seen between the elections in November and the end of the Legislative session in January.

Most Would Back a Run for President by Christie Once He Finishes His Work in NJ

Most New Jersey State Chamber of Commerce members are optimistic about the state's business climate over the next 12 months, according to a recent survey conduct by the State Chamber.