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Submitted by: Joe Paradise, of Point Pleasant Beach    

Sandy bruised our coastline, but it hasn't broken our spirit.

Strangers from everywhere donated supplies or rolled up sleeves to help gut swamped, musty houses. The National Guard, Coast Guard, police, fire and rescue units kept watch over our battered towns 24/7 to protect them from further harm. A church community in Point Pleasant Beach led by a husband-and-wife team cut, cook, and prepared 500 meals a day and delivered them to the elderly, distressed and overworked.

Men and women in trucks and tractors from every state swarmed in to lend a hand or shovel. Linemen braced cold winds and dangerous power lines to reconnect our communities. Strangers offered coffee to those waiting in ever-winding gas lines. Sandy bruised our coastline, but it hasn't broken our spirit.

We will rebuild. We will come back. With your help, we will feed the displaced, clean up the wreckage, and restore the shore that I love and have always called home. To everyone who supported, volunteered, protected, restored, cleaned, cried over or donated food and supplies to the affected shore areas of New Jersey: I feel your love. Thank you.


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