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Hometown: Ocean City    
Submitted by: Ocean City Regional Chamber of Commerce    

Jay Gillian-Brian Roberts-Drew FasyJay Gillian, Mayor of Ocean City; Pastor Brian Roberts of St. Peter’s United Methodist Church; and Drew Fasy, Realtor, came together after Sandy’s devastation to rescue Ocean City. Without hesitation they placed the problems of the community before their own.

They did not wait for a saving grace. They became that saving grace.

Combining their expertise in matters of leadership, religion and business they started a non-profit organization - OCNJ C.A.R.E., and gave their time to help provide food, clothing, shelter, emotional support, home repair, cleanup, and financial aid to those affected. Under their leadership, hundreds have come together in extraordinary ways to ensure that Ocean City remains intact. C.A.R.E. stands for Cleanup and Recovery Effort, yet the word itself represents the compassion and concern these men have for their community.

Our heroes are strong and brave and did not wait for a saving grace. They became that saving grace. Thanks to the work of these men; Ocean City's business community, including the downtown and boardwalk, has recovered.


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