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Hometown: Little Ferry    
Submitted by: Angela Daidone    

Regina Coyle, president of Felician College’s Alumni Association and a leader of the St. Margaret of Cortona Roman Catholic Church parish council in Little Ferry, helped organize an emergency shelter at the church in advance of the storm, stocking food, cots, blankets and other supplies for residents in flood-prone areas.

About 100 residents took shelter in the church hall, but as the storm roared through, the berms were surged and the tidal gates were breached and the hall needed to be evacuated. The supplies were ruined. Regina worked with local emergency management officials to move the residents to a safe location. After the storm, Regina returned to clean up the site, restock the shelves and coordinate information for those seeking emergency assistance. FEMA set up shop in the hall and the National Guard stocked the pantry and organized distribution of supplies. Regina and her team of volunteers kept the hall open for weeks to ensure people received help.

Felician College’s mission includes compassion for others, respect for all life and service to those in need. Regina Coyle has shown these and more by her unselfish actions during a time of dire need. Felician College is so very proud of her.


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