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Hometown: Newark    
Submitted by: Denise Rivas-Morgan    

Dennis D Morgan II

Meals were provided to hundreds residents per day in buildings, ranging in height from six floors to 14 floors, with no power, elevators or heat.

Dennis led a coordinated effort provided hot meals, blankets and other assistance to several high-rise senior housing buildings in Newark. These buildings, ranging in height from six floors to 14 floors, had no power, elevators or heat for upwards of 10 days.

Volunteers went door to door doing health and welfare checks on the residents. Lunch and dinner was provided to approximately 500 to 600 residents per day, with door-to-door deliveries for those who were disabled or unable to walk stairs. All meals, clothing and help were provided with 100 percent private donations.

Once power was restored, a food drive to replace food lost by the residents resulted in over 150 bags of groceries. The group has come to realize there is a continued need, so Dennis formally formed a non-profit group called North Newark Move. The group is in the process of becoming a full-time immediate response group to assist citizens in need.



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