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Hometown: New Brunswick    
Submitted by: Jean Holtz    

The Fresh Grocer postponed the grand opening of its new supermarket in downtown New Brunswick on Nov. 2 - four days after the storm. The new store had industrial-sized generators and was fully operational, but most of the city was without power.

Not wanting its fresh produce and dairy products to go to waste, Pauly Kourtis, the general manager, and his team personally loaded trucks and delivered food to the Elijah’s Promise soup kitchen. The fresh food was handed out to patrons at Elijah’s and the city’s emergency shelter, and then distributed door-to-door to needy families and the city’s emergency shelter.

Coincidentally, Elijah’s Promise had lost power and needed a place to store its large quantity of frozen foods. Once again, Pauly stepped in. He and his staff hauled pounds of frozen meat, poultry and seafood back to the new supermarket, shrink-wrapped it and held it in their freezer until Elijah’s power returned. It was a wonderful, effective community effort handled at the spur of the moment.


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