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Hometown: Manasquan    
Introduced by U.S. Rep. Chris Smith at New Jersey Chamber Congressional Dinner, Jan. 31    

A refrigerator zoomed past and nearly crushed them.

Fortunately for the citizens of Manasquan, Jay Price lives there. Jay grew up in Manasquan, played football at Manasquan High and now he is the head football coach there. He is also a lieutenant in the Manasquan Fire Department. On the night Sandy was battering the New Jersey coast, Jay and his men went from house to house and performed multiple rescues at great risk to themselves.

As The Star-Ledger described one of their rescues: It was harrowing work, weaving through debris, rushing through floodwaters, hoping to avoid tangles of downed power lines and falling trees — all in nearly pitch black. Approaching a house, the men inched their way through water which tugged and pulled on their bodies, threatening to sweep them away. Once inside the home, it was more difficult to see through the immense darkness. Price and his men would hear faint cries for help from somewhere in the unfamiliar home and the treacherous search would begin.

Floating furniture, picture frames and books turned the murky water into an obstacle course. In one home, a refrigerator zoomed past and nearly crushed the men.

Jay Price and his comrades saved hundred from rising waters in homes and on streets that night.

Since then, Jay has explored many of the damaged homes searching for gas leaks. He has cooked piles of steaks and pasta for hungry displaced residents and enlisted the 94 members of his football team at Manasquan High School to help in the recovery efforts.


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